With the proliferation of social media out there, it is important for PR pros to identify which medium to use for specific campaigns and how to get the most out of it.  Luckily, there are many applications that help you do just that.

Twitter allows users to post 140-character updates, but when following 100+ users that post concurrently, keeping track of all of them can be nerve-racking and nearly impossible.  Not to mention, your own tweets can get lost in the hodgepodge of other Twitterverse happenings.  In fact, the predicament is so prevalent that programmers created apps to help remedy the dilemma.

twitterVine — Vine is a mobile service that allows you to capture and share short looping videos (six seconds or less) via Twitter and Facebook. PRDaily refers to the service as the latest video elevator pitch allowing brands and organizations to create effortless behind-the-scene clips, how-to segments, product demos and more.

Tweriod — This tool identifies the best times and days to tweet in order to reach your followers.  It does this by analyzing all your past tweets and followers and matches up the time frames in which they coincide.

Buffer — This app allows you to schedule when your tweets are published.  The results from your Tweriod analysis can actually help you best determine what times to post your tweets.

Facebook is a social networking site that allows users to create a personal profile and update statuses, exchange messages and comments, post photo albums, and much more.  It is the most comprehensive of the social media websites out there since it allows for a wide range of uses.  Keeping that in mind, Facebook is an extremely viable resource for businesses.  Unlike its social media counterparts, free Facebook apps are hard to come by so some of the following apps come with a nominal fee.

facebookPageLever — PageLever is one of the top Facebook analytics programs available. It helps businesses garner more fans, page traffic, comments and newsfeed impressions. It is used by many big brands such as Mashable, YouTube, and Fleishman Hillard.  Mashable, for instance, uploads dozens of articles everyday to their website, but that strategy would not translate so well on social media. Imagine the influx of articles in your newsfeed – no thanks! Instead, they use PageLever to determine which articles people are most receptive to and post accordingly. This tool is offered for $99 per month under the premium option, which is great for small and local businesses looking to measure and understand their Facebook audience. Keep in mind that once you have an understanding of your audience’s receptiveness to certain posts, you may not need to continue purchasing it.

NorthSocial — NorthSocial is designed to provide the foundation needed to quickly build a powerful Facebook page.  The service itself consists of several applications which include: First Impression, which ensures “likers” stay engaged; Sweepstakes, which requires users to “like” the page to access promotions; and Fan Offer, which offers perks for loyal Facebook fans.  All of these apps assist businesses in promotions planning, ad optimization, promo syndication, fan page recruitment, and custom app development. In addition to helping businesses better promote themselves, they also track campaign management through advanced analytics.  The service is $19.99 per month for the entrepreneurial option.

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board that allows users to pin items that interest them, be it food, gadgets, or fashion. Pinners can “repin” or like pins posted by other users.  While the website has only been in existence for about two years, there are already tools out there to help boost your “pinfluence.”

Ribbon, Pinterest resized 600Reachli, formerly Pinerly — This tool graphically measures click-throughs, likes, and repins for campaigns created through Pinterest.

PinReach — PinReach measures your Pinterest influence by giving you an overall score with charts and tables that show your most popular pins and boards.

Pinstamatic — This tool allows users to add Twitter links, sticky notes, and websites to your boards. Pinstamatic has plans for additional services in the future.

Happy social networking!

Images by DesignBolts via Wikimedia Commons