SAN DIEGO – Allylix Inc., a renewable chemicals company, today announced it was named one of 15 companies to win the Defense Energy Technology Challenge presented by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Using its innovative technology, Allylix has produced a variety of renewable terpene aviation fuels that, based on preliminary testing, would outperform existing high performance aviation fuels, such as JP-10 and fuel additives used by the U.S. military.

“Our sesquipterpenes make great high performance aviation fuels because they pack a ton of energy and can be made more cost effectively than current products,” explained Seth Goldblum, vice president of business development with Allylix. “If you look at the chemical structure of our molecules they are typically highly constrained multi-cyclic rings. In contrast, other companies making renewable fuels focus on straight and branch chain hydrocarbons, which are not suitable for the specialized high-density applications required by the military.”

Allylix’s terpenes can be used directly as high density fuels or as additives to other hydrocarbons in an effort to improve performance characteristics of a given fuel.

The compounds produced through Allylix’s technology exhibit very high net heats of combustion (up to 150,000 BTU / gal), exceptional densities (up to 0.95 g/mL) as well as excellent low temperature performance. Fuels produced by Allylix offer several advantages to the U.S. military including:

Increased range and/or operational time for a host of tactical vehicles (UAVs) and other  weapon platforms. For example, Allylix’s sesquiterpenes could increase flight range by up to 20 percent, which would be a significant competitive advantage for U.S. military missions

A renewable, high-quality, cost effective, reliable and sustainable supply of high density fuel comparable or superior to the incumbent petrochemical JP-10

Decreased reliance on foreign petroleum

Allylix was also selected to receive funding from the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy under the U.S. Department of Energy for the creation and testing of this technology, and the company is exploring partnerships for the commercialization of its terpene-based fuel products.

Allylix is currently focused on commercializing high value products, including flavors and fragrances. The discovery of terpenes as a fuel additive demonstrates the power of Allylix’s platform technology for developing a wide range of products with significant market potential, said Goldblum.

In launching the challenge, the Defense Department sought innovative energy solutions to increase the safety of troops, lower energy costs, and reduce reliance on foreign energy supplies with the goal of matching standout solutions with existing and upcoming testing and procurement opportunities.

The third annual Defense Energy Technology Challenge is presented by the Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries Organization in partnership with the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force. Allylix, along with the other winners, will present its technology to a high-level feedback panel of Army, Navy and Air Force officials, as well as representatives from private industry, at the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit and Expo September 10, 2013 in Honolulu.

About Allylix Inc. 
Allylix Inc. is a renewable chemicals company developing terpene products and their derivatives for the flavor and fragrance, food ingredients, insect repellents, agricultural, cosmetics and other markets. Allylix’s platform technology produces high-value natural terpenes in greater quantities, of higher quality, and at significantly lower cost than traditional sources. The company’s technology also allows for the production of novel specialty chemicals, applicable to a wide variety of industries. For more information,