Those who say that word-of-mouth marketing has fallen out of favor are mistaken. Word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) is not passé; it’s just evolved. If its demise was true, multi-level marketers, testimonials, and client/customer reviews so prominent on many business websites would not exist.

There are certainly a number of reasons every marketer should use WOMM. When WOMM strategies are applied to modern marketing methods and tools, there is a corresponding increase in sales and stronger relationships with customers.

Trust is All Your Customers Need

You gain customer loyalty by earning their trust.  You can gain the trust of even more customers if you can get an existing customer to say something positive about you or your product. We aren’t talking about a celebrity or brand ambassador, rather, we’re talking about a real customer who has had a great experience with your products or services. Customers are smarter than ever and they don’t trust the word of a celebrity or advertising talent who barely has an idea about the products they’re endorsing. This is all about real people making real comments about real experiences.

Here’s How You Can Do It

There’s no secret formula in WOMM. All you need to do is make sure that your products and services exceed your customers’ expectations. You may commission thought leaders in your industry (repeat, not celebrities!) and let them review your product or service. You’ll want to find those people who have the trust of large audiences/followers (circles of influence). When your goods and services garner great reviews, talk about them in your social media platforms or any medium you choose. You want to simply point to honest people providing honest assessments of your company.  Anything less will be sniffed out by customers and you’ll find that trust you’ve tried to earn vanishes quickly – with customers vanishing just as rapidly.