Housing MattersIt isn’t often that you have the chance to help people by spreading the word about a worthy cause, like supportive housing, and have the opportunity to win cool prizes like an iPad mini or Apple TV.  But that’s exactly what’s going on this month – which is Mental Health Month.


The County of San Diego’s Behavioral Health Services is conducting a Housing Matters Facebook contest that offers you the chance to raise awareness and educate friends about supportive housing and, by participating in the quiz, have a chance to win one of many prizes. You can also increase your odds of winning by recruiting your friends to also take the quiz.  So…


What is supportive housing? 


Supportive housing is a community-based service model that provides affordable housing integrated with support services such as:



    • mental health services


    • primary health care


    • alcohol and drug services


    • case management


  • social services


Supportive housing is for people who are either homeless or at high risk of becoming homeless and who are living with mental illness.  Mental illness is a major contributing factor to homelessness because individuals suffering with psychiatric disabilities are much more likely to become homeless than the general population. Left untreated, their mental illness can disrupt their ability to maintain relationships, hold jobs, receive health care, respond to offers of help, or maintain occupancy of their home.


Supportive Housing Works


A stable home with integrated social and mental health services produces positive results, such as:


Housing Matters 2


Why should I support supportive housing?


Supportive Housing Matters because it works.  It helps people get treatment for their illnesses and gets them off the streets.  It helps communities save money on services for individuals experiencing chronic homelessness and mental illness – it costs less than doing nothing.  Treatment is seldom successful when people are living in shelters or on the street.  A stable home in combination with social and mental health services can break the cycle of homelessness.


Supportive Housing Matters – to improve communities, to help the people – our friends, brothers, mothers, sons and daughters – who need help.


Housing Matters because home is where recovery begins.


Whether you choose to participate in the contest to win a prize or spread the word, you’ll be making a difference in the lives of others.  Go to www.housingmatterssd.org or click here to go directly to the contest.