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Last month, Twitter released its latest (and greatest) contribution to the app world: Vine. The application allows users to create six second videos that loop continuously, GIF-style. The novel app is being hailed as PR gold and here at Cook + Schmid, we couldn’t agree more! Here are our top three reasons for loving Vine:

1. Short attention spans welcome. We are in the age of 140-character tweets and image uploads a la Instagram. Clearly, we don’t have time for long form content (sorry Facebook). We are all about the here and now, and frankly, Vine is the latest, greatest and shortest in the art of communication. Need more proof? In 2011, David Poque of The New York Times outlined his favorite PR pitches and the number one spot went to a two minute video, not a press release!

2. Short-form storytelling. The other day as I was browsing through Vine, I came across the most enthralling video. A young woman documented her Sunday morning drinking coffee, reading the newspaper and hanging out with her overweight cat. I was fascinated by the creative way in which she made a seemingly boring day look pleasantly appealing! Now, don’t get me wrong, this was no Avatar-esque videography here, but seeing that setting in the Vine format was particularly effective and no amount of tweets or Instagram-filtered images could make it as interesting as that video did.

Other popular Vine videos include: cooking/craft tutorials and stop-motion clips. Basically, Vine makes lackluster events seem interesting – a task many PR pros are challenged with on a regular basis.

3. Connectivity with Twitter and Facebook. Who has time to generate a whole new social media following on Vine? Not me. Generating followings is a strenuous and time-consuming task that requires follow backs, interactions, page monitoring, etc. Vine cuts out all of that time with its interconnectivity with Twitter and Facebook. According to Reuters, integration between social channels is an important part of the social experience. It allows you to market to your existing audiences in the forums they already prefer. Further, the originality in posting a Vine video on these networks creates higher PR value than posting content in the website’s traditional format.

CAVEAT: Since Vine is a new application, its privacy settings have yet to be firmly established. Several sources report that Vine has encountered issues with users posting sexually-explicit content so be cautious of encountering racy material when using the service.

Final Takeaways:

  • Vine makes the uninteresting interesting
  • Post your Vine videos on appropriate social channels