Public Relations

News Station

Public Relations

Media Relations

As former journalists, we know how to formulate a pitch that will get the attention of reporters and editors. Chances are, we already have contacts at the media outlets where you need coverage. 

Public Affairs

Cook + Schmid helps government agencies and private sector clients build strong relationships with communities. We can connect you with local leaders, residents and elected officials to build support for your product or project. 

Reputation Management

Your reputation is made up of many moving parts, all of which need to be addressed to ensure a strong positive image. We proactively identify opportunities to enhance your credibility, as well as threats that we must counter. 

Crisis Communications

Being prepared for a crisis is essential in reducing the risk and vulnerability of your business. We have team members who are experienced in creating thorough crisis communications plans and providing support 24/7 when the unthinkable happens. 

Community Engagement

From conducting meetings to knocking on doors, our team members reach out to the community to deliver messaging and build relationships. Our team includes IAP2-trained outreach experts and experienced facilitators who know how to meaningfully and genuinely engage the public.

Internal Communications

We know how to create and communicate successful internal messaging for your employees that results in a more productive and effective workplace.